Top Design Trends for Kids Rooms

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Kids rooms have evolved into comfortable spaces reflecting the tastes and interests of their young occupants. Here are the hottest design trends for 2020:

Welcome the Great Outdoors Inside

Nature and raw, authentic textures and materials are on-trend in 2017. Avoid anything that looks or feels shiny, synthetic, or man made — instead use materials that look and feel like linen, bark, hemp, and other natural elements. The hottest colors are muted and earthy: Think of forest colors like the dark green of pine needles, dark brown of tree bark, and clear blue of the sky or a mountain lake. Textures evoke velvety green moss or the roughness of fallen logs on the forest floor.
Framed prints, murals, posters, and other artwork can feature natural, untamed landscapes like forests, oceans, and lakes. Swap out ultra-composed garden scenes for earthier images like close-ups of flowers or candids of snow-covered mountains.
“Found” natural elements make beautiful displays. Think of seashells, interesting stones, or sea glass. Vintage natural elements using coral, bone, and other interesting materials add one-of-a-kind flair to kids rooms.

Swap Out Paint for Wallpaper

Forget about your great-aunt’s fussy floral wallpaper! Today’s modern wall coverings are easier than ever to hang and come in an endless variety of designs and colors.
Texture is wallpaper’s super power. From rough and nubby to smooth and velvety, wallpaper is now a 3D design feature. 

Get Hygge With It

The Danish concept of “hygge” (roughly translated as “comfortable coziness”) can bring calming, grounding elements to a child’s room. Welcome in a sense of hygge by creating a cozy reading nook with a plush beanbag chair and soft throw pillows, or an inviting imaginative play corner with warm lighting and a trunk of dress-up clothes.
Honor hygge with soft, inviting textures, rounded-off corners, and warm lighting. Don’t forget at least one perfect, comfy chair. “Pouf” chairs and slings are very popular choices with teens (try Pottery Barn Teen to buy.)

Trade-in Composed Bouquets for Abstract Florals

Continuing with the natural trend, abstract florals are huge in 2020, literally! Think of a wall covered in a textured abstract vine pattern, or a single massively oversized print of a gardenia. The proportions of today’s abstract florals are big, bold, and natural, making too-small florals look fussy. Don’t be afraid to go big!
Think sharp: Cactus fits perfectly with 2017 design trends for kids rooms. Consider a print of a cactus, design elements featuring brightly colored cactus flower as an accent color against a neutral base, or a living cactus plant (just make sure curious little fingers can’t reach if using cactus in a very young child’s room.)